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Sound Art Workshops

Inspiring Creativity with Sound

Instruments Black and White

Sound and rhythm

Having fun whilst learning is the best way to inspire.

Helping people to listen to the world differently is the aim of our workshops. Our workshops involve a mixture of traditional instruments, unusual props to create sounds and masses of inspiration combined with technology to create a fun and engaging experience.

Our equipment is setup to be able to organically change direction within a session and move creatively where the sound and group want to go. So each workshop is unique, as we all explore and play in different ways.

Previous workshops

Previously workshops have included:

Experimenting with creating beats whilst running on gravel, underwater microphones, bouncing balls on drums, megaphones, group/individual guitar lessons, playing found sound samples from around the world on pads and keyboards, then bringing it all together, on the beat, in a massive sound session.

Sessions times can be tailored to your requirements e.g. 2 hour open sessions for festivals - multiple audiences in and out, 3 hour sessions for mobile recording sessions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Projects: Recent Projects
Man Playing Guitar

Group workshops

- Group sound workshops, instruments, creative ways to make sound, playable sound samples captured from around the world.

- Group outing with mobile recording devices capturing the sounds in your local area, then assembling these sounds into music/soundscapes.

- Group recording sessions.

Visualising in sound

We want you to leave you inspired, whether that's wanting to learn to play an instrument, get involved in sound production or just listening to your surroundings differently. 

Being able to play an instrument starts with wanting to play an instrument. Our aim that you will want to pick up a guitar, play keyboard, get involved with sound production or just to listen differently to the rhythms of your feet as you walk, or car tyres on rumble strips.

Projects: Recent Projects
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